Thursday, 17 February 2011


Probably I should have tried to build a sense of drama before mentioning the fact that at my second lesson I actually swam! But I can't be fussed as it's Friday night and I've a take away from Silver Bowl winging its way to me!

I did it though; I swam roughly half the length of the pool, with no float and with my head in the water. I'm not going to pretend I enjoyed it - I didn't hate it either mind, but I'm still getting used to the breathing at the side and I managed to drink quite a lot of the pool water (urgh).

More exciting though was that I had a little trip to Sweden for a couple of days. [It was goddamn cold]. Stockholm is one of the reasons that I wanted to learn to swim. There's a lot of water around the city and Lena wanted me to learn in case I fall into the sea as we plan on spending a lot of time there. Thank god I didn't fall in - I think the cold would have killed me.

What was ace though was the food we ate in a quite famous restaurant in Gamla Stan called Den Gyldene Freden. The members of the Swedish Academy meet there every week for lunch and it's very highly regarded; I can understand why. The service was faultless, the house wine was not only drinkable but was actually tasty (!) and the food was superb. I ate the Baltic herring (in the photo) with seasoned cheese and potatoes followed by veal - yum! And our waiter looked like Jedward, but he wasn't even remotely annoying. Good Times!

Also I spoke actual Swedish to actual Swedes. Double win week!

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